What to do when you have a broken water pipe

leakMany people have no idea what to do when they are first confronted with a broken water pipe. The immediate thing to do to save damages to your property is to turn off the water at the mains. This will stop all flow of water throughout the property and allow you to inspect the problem.

Depending on the damage from the broken water pipe and the type of pipe it is, it really is best to let the professional plumbers do their job.

Adding tape around a pipe can possible be a short term fix, but with water being under pressure this tape will not hold for long and will eventually fail allowing more water to be sent throughout your house.

If you have a broken pipe, call Fairy Meadow Plumbing who will be out to fix it in a flash.

Leaking toilets can be a major problem

Leaking toiletsHaving leaking toilets in your bathroom that leak water (including dirty water) can be not only frustrating, a health hazard but could lead to thousands of dollars in damages to your building.

Leaking toilets have been responsible for major structural damages to many properties. Owners can be mistaken for thinking that the leak is just going down the drain but if the bathroom is not waterproofed correctly that leaking toilet will do harm.

To avoid throwing thousands of dollars down the drain, call Fairy Meadow Plumbing now if you have a leaking toilet, and one of our qualified plumbers can visit to assess the situation and hopefully fix the problem before it’s too late.

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